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Region Day 2022 (29) Crop

Region Activity Day

Our Girl Guides enjoyed a magical weekend of camping and activities with other Guides from the Central Highlands Region.

Region Camp 2022 AG Sunday (29)

Lingbogol Prophet Sunday

Lingbogol Prophet – Sunday night edition

Region Day 2022 (39) Trainride

Lingbogol Prophet Saturday

Lingbogol Prophet – Saturday night edition

Lingbogol Guide Camp

Lingbogol Prophet Friday

Lingbogol Prophet – Friday evening edition.

Region Day Promo

Region Camp & Activity Day

100 Guides and Leaders are looking forward to the Central Highlands Region Event.

Karen Chatto Ballarat District Manager

2022 Region Manager

Karen Chatto welcomed as the latest Region Manager for Central Highlands Region

St Patricks Day 2022 Delacombe (1)

St Patrick’s Day

March 17 is St Patricks day so of course we need to get green.

Clean Up Australia Delacombe 2022 (5)

Clean Up Australia

Our Girl Guides recently helped tidy up Ballarat as part of the annual Clean Up Australia program.

Construction Destruction 2022 (7)

Ballista Waterbombs

Guides from several local units participated in the annual Construction Destruction event

Thinking Day 2022 RABBIT (11)

Ballarat Guiding event for Thinking Day

Guides from all across Ballarat have joined together to kick off celebrations for 100 years of Guiding as well as World Thinking Day.

Sebastopol Guides Spoonville 2022

Spoonville Mystery

The Sebastopol Spoonville has mysteriously returned !!!

11th Ballarat Guides BP Cakes

BP Awards for Ballarat

Congratulations to our Ballarat Guides who have completed the BP peak achievement award.

Delacombe Guides 2021 BeeKeeper 182443

The Bee Challenge

Ballarat Guides have taken on the challenge of learning about bees to acknowledge World Bee Day on
May 20th. The girls are learning about bees, honey making and what we can do to help the world-wide bee crisis.

Ruff Diamond Trefoils Queenscliff Lunch

Trefoil Activities

The Ruff Diamond Trefoils continue to meet on a monthly basis, participating in different activities each time. Queenscliff In March, several car loads of members travelled to Queenscliff for a…

Delacombe Guides Dancing

International Day of Dance

This week, some of our Guides acknowledged International Dance Day with a night of dancing. The Guides were treated to a neo-classical solo performance by volunteer Leader Zayda Vandenberg who…

Girl Guides Ballarat Canoeing 2021

Region Canoeing Activity

Eighty Girl Guides have enjoyed the opportunity to canoe on St George’s Lake.

Ruff Diamond Trefoils Thinking Day Dinner 2021

Trefoil Promise on Thinking Day

The Ruff Diamond Trefoils made Thinking Day 2021 an extra cause for celebration. As well as acknowledging World Thinking Day on February 22nd, the Ruff Diamonds used this special date…

Frisbee Golf Delcombe 4

Frisbee Golf

This term our Guides are spending as much time outdoors as possible. The 2020 covid-lockdown meant that many outdoor activities were cancelled or postponed, so we are determined to provide…

3 Generations Of Guides Emily Roberts

3 Guiding Generations

Guiding has been quite different in 2020 with most of our meetings held virtually via interactive Zoom sessions. It was during one of these Zoom sessions in June that 5…


Great timing for hikes

Just hours before it was announced that Guiding was once again to avoid face-to-face meetings, three local units had enjoyed separate hiking activities on a surprisingly glorious winter Sunday.  All…