There are  many different Girl Guide badges that can be earned as part of the Girl Recognition System.  Some allow for the selection of preferred clauses and others require a certain skill level.  Some can be completed in the unit, and others as personal challenges.

Guides Victoria stipulate the correct placement of badges on the sash (pdf download).

Official Guide badges

Girl Guide Recognition System

Create a challenge

The Create a challenge badges have the most flexibility and encourage you to create your own challenges to earn the badge.

Use the Australian Guide Program process when creating the challenges:

  • discover and explore ideas
  • decide on the challenges
  • plan how you will accomplish the challenges, write down the steps and discuss them with others
  • do your best and enjoy working on the challenges
  • evaluate the outcome and share the results with your Guide unit

Remember to discuss your plans with your Leaders first. Tell them about the challenges you have set for yourself and the plans you have made to complete the challenges.


Badge Syllabus Ideas

Cherie Guide Work

Challenges for fun

Magic Happens At Lingbogol Badge

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Doughnut Challenge Badge

Doughnut Activities

Pasta Mug Ingredients

Guide Cooking


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History of Girl Guides

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Explore A Challenge Poster
Girl Guide Recognition System

Explore a challenge

The Explore a challenge badges have a defined set of clauses with suggested activity ideas related to the focus of the badge.

You choose which clauses you would like to complete. You can even work on these challenges as a patrol.

Remember to discuss your plans with your Leaders first. Tell them about the challenges you have set for yourself and the plans you have made to complete the challenges.

These badges are peer assessed so you will need to share your work with your Leaders as well as your Guide unit.

Girl Guide Recognition System

Acheive a challenge

The Achieve a challenge badges recognise the attainment of specific skills and abilities.

Assessment needs to be carried out by an adult with equivalent or greater knowledge in the relevant skills area.

The badges are available as three progressive skill levels:

  • Trefoil 1 - beginning skill
  • Trefoil 2 - intermediate skill
  • Trefoil 3 - advanced skill (limited to Guides aged 14+)
Discover A Challenge Poster
Girl Guide Recognition System

Discover a challenge

The Discover a challenge badges are a series of 10 skills-based badges that focus on traditional skills of Guiding. They align with developmental milestones so are roughly suited to specific ages.

Each clause is based on one of the four elements of the AGP:

  • Physical
  • Practical
  • People
  • Self

The badges named after Australian gemstones: Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet, Agate, Zircon, Jade, Sapphire, Diamond, and Black Opal.

Girl Guide Recognition System

Peak Achievement Awards

The peak achievement awards are the highest awards that can be earned by youth members in each age section:

  • Junior BP Award (Bronze Endeavour Award)
  • BP Award (Silver Endeavour Award)
  • Queens Guide Award (Gold Endeavour Award)

One award can be worked on at a time and should be completed at the highest personal level. When half of the required challenges are completed, the relevant Endeavour Award has been earned.

The Awards focus on challenges for each of the fundamentals of Guiding:

  • Promise and Law
  • Outdoors
  • Guiding Traditions
  • World Guiding
  • Service
  • Patrol System

plus the ongoing process of Leadership Development.

Aim High
BadgeBuddy ReconciliationBadge
Girl Guide Recognition System

Special Interest badges

There are often Special badges created by Guides Australia or Guides Victoria with themes to acknowledge or recognise events or concepts.

These are generally only available for a short period of time.