Guiding is a fun, weekly, after school activity for girls in Ballarat.

And for many girls it is much more than that. Guiding becomes a central point for developing social skills and life skills.

Guiding is an all-female organisation for girls aged from 5. In fact, it is the world's largest organisation for females with over 10 million members.

Girls are members of a Guide Unit of similar aged girls in their community.  They help to decide, plan and participate in their own unit programs. All girls are encouraged to stand up and be heard on all issues.

Girl Guides in Ballarat offer girls a wide range of after school activities and opportunities for personal growth, development, building self-confidence and leadership skills.

Through participation in activities such as camping, cooking, experimenting, hiking and community service projects, girls learn to take initiative, work as a team, and solve problems independently. The Guide program encourages girls to set and achieve personal goals, helping them to develop a sense of purpose and direction.

Girl Guides also provides girls with the opportunity to make lasting friendships and connections with other girls in the community who meet regularly in small groups, allowing them to bond over shared experiences and interests. These friendships can provide girls with support and encouragement as they navigate their own challenges.

In addition to all these benefits, Girl Guides is also a lot of fun!

Girls participate in fun and exciting activities, make new friends, and learn valuable life skills.

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It all happens at Girl Guides

Lingbogol Gate

Lingbogol Guide Camp

Our Guides enjoy activities such as:

  • camps and sleepovers
  • outdoor activities
  • excursions and day trips
  • craft
  • experiments
  • cooking
  • outdoor cooking
  • new skills
  • challenge badges
  • learning leadership skills
  • making new friends
After school activity for girls in Ballarat

Choose from the the various Girl Guide Units in the Ballarat area or contact us if you need helping choosing.

Any day
  • Any day
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

11th Ballarat Girl Guides (10-14)

1st Sebastopol Guides (10+)

Ages: 10+
Day: Thursdays. 7:00-8:30
Venue: Sebastopol
Contact: Dawn – 53359258

Alfredton Girl Guides (10-17)

Ages: 10-17 year olds
Day: Tuesdays. 5:30-7:00
Venue:  Ballarat Central
Contact: Louisa – 5334 1975 or 0409 707 372 (after 7:00pm)

Ballarat Begonia Junior Girl Guides (prep-grade 5)

Day: Tuesdays. 5:30-7:00
Venue:  Ballarat Central
Contact: Elizabeth – 0417525700

Ballarat Olaves (18-29)

Ages: 18-29 year olds
Catch ups: monthly
Venue: as organised
Contact: Vanessa – 0467 864 947

Choc Chic Ranger Guides (13-18)

Ages: 13-18 year olds
Day: Wednesdays
Venue: Soldiers Hill
Contact: Karen –

Delacombe Junior Girl Guides (prep-grade 4)

Day: Thursdays 5:30-7:00
Venue: Sebastopol
Contact: Cherie – 53355097

Eureka Butterfly Guides (5-10)

Ages: 5-10 year olds
Day: Wednesdays
Venue: Brown Hill
Contact: Makealah – 0478180644

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