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Kani-Karrung Girl Guide Jamboree

15-21 January 2023

The 2023 Guides Victoria Jamboree was held in our own backyard at Victoria Park in Ballarat. This incredible opportunity meant that more than 50% of our local Guides aged 10+ participated in a large-scale event that involved nearly 1500 Guides and Leaders from all over Australia.

Ballarat Guides have also participated in previous Guide Jamborees, including:

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Agnes Baden-Powell

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Brownie Guides

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Girl Guides in Ballarat

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Girl Guides in Victoria

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Guide Photos from the Past


Olave Baden-Powell

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The Royal Connection

Jamboree Program

The Jamboree was organised by a team at Guides Victoria, led by Helen Reid.  The activities were amazing and provided opportunities for fantastic adventures.

Jamboree mascot

The jamboree mascot was a wombat.  Guides were invited to a suggest names and the name selected was Pebbles, submitted Lily from the Quakers Hill Girl Guides in NSW.

At our Jamboree, the name Pebbles reflects 3 things:

  • Actual pebbles reflect the stepping-stones which we step on to help us to cross obstacles in our way.  Pebbles the Wombat is a reminder of the stepping-stones in our Guiding journeys.
  • When tossed in water, pebbles create a visible ongoing ripple, and each day we have the choice to create positive ripples around us.
  • Every single pebble is different and unique; some rough, some smooth, some lined, some spotted. Just like each one of us.
Pebbles Girl Guides Ballarat 26

Sub Camps

The indigenous names of the sub camps were from the Wadawurrung language.

You might like to use the Wadawurrung Language app to help with pronunciation of indigenous words.

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