Australian Guide Program

The Australian Guide Program was introduced in 1995 as a non-formal education program that engages girls in activities that are fun and energetic, as well as encouraging each individual to develop a range of skills that will assist in daily life.

The Four Elements of the AGP

Guides learn about themselves as they identify, plan and complete challenges. The Australian Guide Program has been developed to teach life-skills and leadership while having fun, making friends and enjoying the outdoors. By providing opportunities for girls to develop as individuals (Self), in the areas of Physical development, Practical skills and relationships with other People, she will be empowered to shape her own future and reach her potential.

  • Australian Guide ProgramSelf - Developing self-appreciation, gaining personal growth through individual challenges
  • People - Making friends, developing long-lasting friendships, sharing, caring and understanding others
  • Practical - Learning everyday living skills that can be integrated into all areas of life, learning by doing
  • Physical - Being active, healthy and strong and participating in activities.

These four elements of the Program are used by Leaders when organising activities, as are the seven fundamental areas listed below.

The Seven Fundamentals of the AGP

  • Keeping the Promise and Law is our underlying code of living
  • Enjoying the Outdoors offers active adventure and awareness of the environment
  • Giving Service encourages a sense of community
  • Exploring World Guiding builds peace and understanding
  • Sharing in Guiding Traditions give a sense of belonging and history
  • Experiencing Leadership Development improves skills for life
  • Participating in the Patrol System develops teamwork skills


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