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We're for Girls

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We're for GIRLS

Girl Guides Ballarat provide a fun, weekly, after-school activity for girls.

And for many girls it is much more than just an after school activitiy.  Guiding becomes a central point for developing social skills and life skills.

Logo Girl Guides VictoriaAt Guides, girls and women are provided with opportunities to

  • develop new skills
  • try cool activities
  • gain confidence to think and act for themselves
  • make new friends
  • acquire a greater respect for the environment and
  • experience a sense of community while having fun.

That's what Guiding is all about.

Girls are members of a Guide Unit of similar aged girls in their community.  They help to decide, plan and participate in their own unit programs.

The Guiding program has an integrated approach to progressive self-development through

implementing the Patrol System to develop teamwork skills

commitment to the Promise and Law - our underlying code of living

Enjoying the Outdoors for active adventure and awareness of environment

Giving Service to encourage a sense of community

exploring World Guiding to build peace and understanding

continuing Traditions for a sense of belonging and history

Leadership Development to build skills for life

Girl Guides Ballarat is a member of Girl Guides Victoria, Girl Guides Australia and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

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We do something different every week with an underlying focus on Self, People, Practical and Physical elements.

Girl Guide units are located throughout Ballarat. Find a unit that suits your age range, location and schedule.

Interested in joining as an adult? We welcome you to join our Leadership team, or to support local Guiding in a way that suits you.

It's never too late to join Guiding. Learn about our Trefoil group and don't let the girls have all the fun.