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Delacombe Junior Guides Doughnut Day 2024 (9)

Doughnut Day

Delacombe Junior Guides enjoying Doughnut Day 2024

Delacombe Junior Guides Book Badge (4)

Book Badge Decoding

Decoding challenges to retrieve badges from locked suitcase

Delacombe Junior Guides Library (10)

Guides at the Library

Delacombe Guides visit to the Sebastopol Library.

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Waterbombs with the Scouts

Sebastopol Guides enjoyed Construction/Destruction with the Ballarat Scouts.

Sebastopol Girl Guides Canoeing 2024 (11)

Canoeing on Lake Wendouree

Sebastopol Guides have enjoyed canoeing on Lake Wendouree

St Patricks Day 2024 Delacombe JG (1)

Saint Patrick’s Day

Delacombe Junior Guides are planning to trap leprechauns

11th Ballarat Archery (2b)

Target Practice

Some of our Ballarat Guides have enjoyed a fun session of archery

Clean Up Australia 2024 (19)

Clean Up Australia 2024

Some of our Girl Guides have participated in the annual Clean Up Australia program

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Tie-Dying Challenge

Tie-dyed t-shirts with unexpected results

Leap Year 2024 Delacombe (6)

Leap Year

Our Guides have enjoyed an evening of fun Leap Year activities

District Thinking Day 2024 (119)

Thinking Day at the Water Park

Thinking Day celebration at the Sebastopol Water Park

Sebastopol Guides Pancake Day (3)

Outdoor Pancakes

Sebastopol Guides have cooked pancakes outdoors

Wattle JulieAnne

Wattle Award for Opal

Julie-Anne Evans has received the Wattle Award, and other volunteers presented with awards and certificates.

Centenary Reunion 2023 (33) Cherie

100+ at Guide Reunion

Ballarat has hosted more than 100 past Guiding members to acknowledge the centenary of Guiding in Ballarat.

Centenary Reunion 2023 Lindsay (158)b

Adult Good Service Awards

Adult Good Service Awards have been presented to some of our Leaders

Big Birthday Bash 2023 (17)

Callout for past Girl Guides

The Ballarat Times newspaper have helped promote our afternoon celebration with readers

Kani Karrung Sleepover (4)

Kani-Karrung Sleepover

Some of our Guides have re-lived the Kani-Karrung experience at a sleepover with the same theme

Kani Karrung Sleepover 2023

Science Week

Science Week enjoyed by Ballarat Guides

Delacombe Guides Tram Museum (60)

Guides @ Ballarat Tram Museum

Our Guides have enjoyed a Dad & Daughter Night at the Ballarat Tramway Museum.

Ruff Diamonds In Castlemaine (1b)

Ruff Diamonds in Castlemaine

The Ruff Diamonds have enjoyed a road trip to Castlemaine