International Day of Dance

April 29, 2021

This week, some of our Guides acknowledged International Dance Day with a night of dancing.

The Guides were treated to a neo-classical solo performance by volunteer Leader Zayda Vandenberg who has been dancing for 11 years.  Zayda then taught the girls a choreographed routine that they performed for their parents.


International Day of Dance

International Day of Dance was first celebrated in 1982 and has been held on 29th of April every year since.

The date is significant because it is the birthdate of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet.  He was born in Paris and although he was expected to become a soldier he instead choose a career in dance. His first professional dance appearance was in 1743 and he spent much of his career touring Europe.

In 1760, Noverre published a paper that is now well-known.  It outlined a stylistic vision and method for teaching dance and has had a lasting influence on dance worldwide..

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