• Find out about 3 animals and 3 plants that are only found in Australia.
  • Know when your family first came to Australia and be able to show on a map where they came from.
  • Know the names of all the Australian States and Territories and the capital city of each
  • Be able to explain what ANZAC stands for and why we celebrate Anzac Day.
  • Act out an Aboriginal Dreamtime story.
  • Using a Milk Arrowroot biscuit, or similar, nibble an outline of Australia.
  • Help make Lamingtons or Anzac biscuits.
  • Know the floral emblems of each state.
  • Make damper over a campfire.
  • Make a didgeridoo
  • Make an Australian scrapbook – to include collections of Australia-wide interest.
  • Know the names of the symbols on the Australian flag.
  • Compile a list of foods gathered by Aborigines when they lived in their tribal state, and know how they gathered them.
  • View a collection, or visit a display, of art or craft made by Aborigines and write about the things you saw.
  • Find out about one well-known Aborigine (past or present).
  • Compile a list of Aboriginal words brought into the English language.
  • Find 10 towns in Australia with aboriginal names and the meaning of the names.
  • Know and sing the first two verses of Advance Australia Fair.
  • Know and sing the first verse of ‘God Save the Queen’.
  • Learn about ‘Aussie Rules Football’ and present the information to the unit or your Leader.
  • Find out about a famous Australian person and present the information to the unit or your Leader.
  • Find out about the Aboriginal Corroboree Mask and make one from papier-mache.
  • Find out about the history of Guiding in Australia.
  • Write a report on 3 things you find interesting about Australia.
  • Learn about Aboriginal picture code and how pictures can tell a story.
  • Find out about some Australian animals that have become extinct.
  • Describe how Aborigines sent messages.
  • Find out about Aboriginal tribes of Ballarat
  • Take a look at 3 examples of Australian inventions.

Need more of a challenge?

  • Describe 4 primary products and/or materials of Victoria.
  • Find out about a pioneer of Victoria.
  • In your opinion, name seven ‘wonders’ of Australia.
  • Give a 5 minute talk on one of the following: Natural resources, famous Australian, History, Australian flora and fauna
  • Learn the Australian citizenship oath and be able to explain who takes this oath.
  • Roll and hoist the Australian flag correctly.
  • Learn about the Australian Coat of Arms and explain what all the emblems stand for.
  • Find out about a tribe of aborigines who lived in or near Ballarat.
  • List the names of three sea explorers who discovered different parts of Australia and name the country from which each came.
  • Draw a map of the journey of exploration undertaken by Burke and Wills.
  • Make a presentation about what it means to be Australian. And what would be considered ‘un-Australian’.



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