• Make an assortment of different paper aeroplanes and see which flies the furthest.
  • Construct and fly a kite
  • Participate in a service activity that contributes to making cleaner air.
  • Make a poster showing different activities that contribute to air pollution.
  • Organise an activity with your unit using balloons.
  • Pretend you are going on an overseas holiday – choose a destination, plan how to get there by plane
  • and what luggage you will need to take.
  • Make a weathervane that works.
  • Demonstrate your ability to play a wind musical instrument.
  • Know the difference between 3 different types of clouds.
  • Explain how the following are formed: Dew, Fog, Hail
  • Explain how air traffic is controlled.
  • Build and operate a model aeroplane.
  • Learn meditation breathing and teach it to your patrol

Need more of a challenge?


  • Make an assortment of different paper aeroplanes and see which flies the furthest.
  • Make a model glider or sailplane and kite and be able to show that you understand the use of wind currents in flying it
  • Make a model of a windmill to show a use for wind power.
  • Build a weather vane and record the wind direction daily at the same time for 28 days. Keep a record of the wind direction and weather during this time.


  • Know DR ABCD and be able to demonstrate CPR
  • Learn about asthma and know what to do if someone has an asthma attack.


  • Know 6 signs foretelling the weather, and show records of having tested their accuracy from your own observations.
  • Find out the characteristics of winds coming from the North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West.
  • Using a weather map as an aid, explain the meaning of the terms: isobar, high, low and wind velocity.
  • Make a simple rain gauge and record the daily rainfall for 14 days.
  • Explain how modern weather forecasting is done and list some of the equipment that is used.
  • Make a chart showing the different types of clouds.
  • Learn how to read a thermometer. Do so at the same time each day for 7 days and record the temperature on a chart.



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