Spoonville Mystery

February 12, 2022

Back in the early stages of the Covid lockdowns, the Sebastopol and Delacombe Girl Guides created a Spoonville community at the front of their local Guide hall.  The Guides continued to meet virtually via Zoom during the lockdowns so the girls made their spoon-people at home to add to the collection.

That’s where the mystery begins.

Sebastopol Guides Spoonville LIn 2021 the entire Spoonville community disappeared without a trace.

  • Were they disturbed by animals?
  • Were they damaged by weather?
  • Were they stolen?

No idea.

What we do know is that somebody must have taken care of them because this week they returned. Right back where they came from. The Guides are excited to see their creations still in tact and our newest members can now contribute to the collection.

If anybody Ballarat Guides would like to make a spoon-person to add to the collection, go ahead. Just hand it to your Leader and she will pass it on.

We look forward to building the Spoonville community and we’ll add photos to share any new creations.


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