Ballarat Gatherings

21/11/1951 – the first Ballarat divisional gathering was held at Lingbogol, the first time that Ballarat companies had combined with companies from other parts of the division. 300 Guides and Brownies attended

Feb 1965 – the 1st Ballarat Trefoil Guild initiated the first Victorian Residential Weekend for Trefoil and Baden-Powell Scout Guilds. This was the forerunner of the current-day Founder’s Day activities.

April 1970 -Ballarat Sea Rangers organised the “Yuille Swamp-a-Raft” activity where 150 Rangers from across Victoria came to Lake Wendouree to build structures to race on the lake.
April 1970 – Ballarat Region Rally held at Lingbogol to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of World Guiding

– the 50th year of Guiding in Ballarat was celebrated. New gates were donated to Lingbogol Harold and Bernice Deveson for the occasion. The gates ere officially opened on Thinking Day by Jean Ince, who had also opened the first set of Lingbogol gates in 1948.

1975 – April 5/6 1000 Guides and Brownies from the Ballarat divisions gathered at Lingbogol to honour the visit of the State Commissioner – Mrs FS Grimwade.

1975 – Ballarat Brownies participated in a special nationwide project to plant trees with yellow leaves or flowers to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Brownies. Lingbogol, amongst other Ballarat sites, was the recipient of such planting.

1977 – a memorial service was held at St Peter’s Anglican Church to mourn the passing of the World Chief Guide, Lady Baden-Powell. In 1979, a memorial plaque was unveiled in a specially-prepared bed of Olave Baden-Powell rosebushes. The unveiling was performed by Gwen Buckland, who had been appointed as the personal aide to Lady Baden-Powell on her visit to Australia in 1957.

1978 – Jumbunna ‘78, the third triennial All Australian Patrol Leaders’ Gathering was held at Ballarat and Queen’s Anglican Grammar School.

1980 – Region Rally to celebrate 70 years of Guiding in Victoria. This activity included the unveiling of the Kath Hillman Memorial.