• Find out all about Advocacy.
  • Make a list of ways to support less fortunate girls..
  • Find out about the role of the United Nations
  • Find out why not all girls around the world get to go to school
  • The right to vote in a political election and to stand for parliament is known and ‘suffrage’. Find out about Australia’s role in the fight for women to get these rights.
  • Find out about countries living with an ‘absolute monarchy’.
  • Find out about Edith Cowan and her role in politics.
  • Find out about either Millie Peacok or Joan Kimer.
  • Find out which countries have had democratically elected female leaders.
  • Explain the system of ‘secret ballot’ for elections.
  • Find out about Elezabeth Chipman – one of the first Australian women to set foot on the Antarctic mainland.
  • Find out about Lores Bonney – the first woman to fly around Australia.
  • Find out about Brigitte Muir – the first person to climb the Seven Summits.
  • Find out about Susie Maroney – an Australian marathon swimmer
  • Find out about the ‘Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women’ accepted by the United Nations General Assembly.


Get the Facts (pdf)