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What has been an eventful weekend at Lingbogol has come to an end with a mass exit and the peace and tranquillity of the bushland area has been restored.


If there was previously any doubt about the ability to perform magic here at Lingbogol it was certainly confirmed when we awoke this morning.

We have all been subjected to some form of powerful Hour-Reversal Charm that has effected absolutely everybody. An entire hour has been added to our Sunday.  At precisely 2:00am all digital time pieces reverted back to 1:00am.

Nobody has taken responsibility for casting the spell so we are are not able to report with any degree of accuracy as to whether the outcome was intentional and if so, what was to be gained.

However, nobody is complaining about the extra hour of sleep that became possible. This was much appreciated as compensation for Friday night when there was definitely a lack of sleep.


With hundreds of years of investigative journalism experience behind us, we thought we'd seen it all.  But this morning was a sight to behold. It seems that iceblocking is a much requested activity at outdoor camps.

As far as we can tell, the challenge is to balance oneself atop a large piece of ice and slide down a hill with the intention of reaching the bottom of the incline without falling off.

Based on our observations and the spillages at the bottom of the mound, this is not as simple as it sounds.

Clothing is a tad damp but all limbs are still safety attached.  Smiles indicate that participants have had an enjoyable experience.

Persons Of Interest

We are led to believe that food for consumption during the weekend was prepared manually. 

With no house elves present, the role of QM was shared amongst a volunteer team that included Melissa, Margaret and Susan. They were assisted by others throughout the weekend who helped with tasks for preparation, cooking and serving meals.

As there have been no outbreaks of scurvy nor salmonella, and no signs of malnutrition, it can be concluded that the meals were healthy and filling. We initially held grave concerns regarding the convoy of more than 100 people queued for salad rolls, but the hoard progressed in an orderly manner and all was well.

We do, however question the camp doughnuts that were served for breakfast. Definitely not doughnut shaped. Delicious though. These are apparently considered a staple food at Girl Guide camps.

"If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."
- Sirius Black


An excited crowd gathered around the quidditch field yesterday for a show-down between the various house teams. Participants had practiced throughout the day, learning the modified rules and perfecting the skills required for serious competition.

This version of Lingbogol Quidditch closely resembles the traditional game with which we are all familiar. Minus the broomsticks.  The ring shaped goals were in place and equipment include the bat, the bludgers and the golden snitch.

In what was a very exiting session, each team had an opportunity to defend and bat, with options to either score runs or attempt to retrieve the snitch.

The roar of the crowd was deafening as the girls cheered for their own team, and other teams as well.









It's been a weekend of eye-openers for us. What we thought was packed as simply a warm bedding item has revealed itself to have multiple roles.

Blankets that had been used with sleeping bags on Friday night were removed from tents and draped around the shoulders or knees of those attending the campfire. Other blankets transformed into capes or robes. Some even had hoods or pockets.

What was most perplexing was the assortment of coloured badges that adorned the blankets. This made each blanket unique, no doubt reflecting individual camping journeys. Older blankets contained hundreds of stitched badges, each representing a different Guiding experience.

"When in doubt, go to the library."
- Ron Weasley

Magic Happens At Lingbogol Badge

The significance of this became apparent when everybody attending this gathering was presented with a brand new badge titled MAGIC HAPPENS AT LINGBOGOL.

Even we can tell that this is a beautiful addition to a camp blanket and will function somewhat like a remembrall for this wonderful event. Additional badges can be purchased separately.


In a reversal of the process we witnessed on Friday night, the entire campsite has now been disassembled and vacated. There is no evidence to suggest that the bizarre events documented in our recent newspaper editions even happened.

Tents have been packed up. Equipment has been stowed. Rubbish has been removed. And a parade of muggle vehicles exited participants out through the gates of Lingbogol.

So what really was the purpose of the weekend's mass gathering?

  • Was it an opportunity for fun and adventure?
  • Was it for building camping skills in preparation for an upcoming Jamboree?
  • Was it to allow for socialisation after years of lockdowns and isolation?

We may never know.

But judging by the happy, exhausted expressions of those who participated, some really wonderful Guiding memories have just been created.

"Don’t let the muggles get you down."
- Ron Weasley