Guiding has changed over the years, but our core values have remained the same.

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Who are our Leaders?

Our Leaders are carefully chosen female volunteers who enjoy sharing their time and talents with girls and young women.

All Guide Leaders receive specialised training that gives them the knowledge and confidence to perform their role.  Each leader has undergone a police check, Working with Children Check and holds First Aid qualifications.

Leaders have jobs, families and other social committments.  All the time they invest into Guiding is on a volunteer basis.

How can I join?

Would you like to visit a Guide Unit? See for yourself what happens at Guides on a weekly basis. But be prepared to make new friends, have fun, and learn new things.

  • Choose a Guide unit that is suitable for your age, meets on a convenient day and is in an area of your preference. If you need help with this, use our contact form and a Leader will respond to you directly.
  • Contact the Leader for your chosen unit to tell her that you would like to visit. She will confirm the venue and let you know anything you need to bring. She will be able to answer questions about that particular unit.
  • Print this form and take it with you to Guides to introduce yourself to the leader.


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Why Girls Only?

Because we’re for girls.

The mission of Girl Guides Australia is to help girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members.

We believe strongly that Australian girls are best served by a program designed specifically for Guides, and facilitated by women. These women are role models who encourage the girls to challenge themselves and achieve. Girl Guides Australia provides girls and women with the opportunity to experience leadership and management positions from a young age.

In Guiding, women and girls take positions of leadership, use their talents and abilities in planning and policy-making, and are encouraged to take these skills into their lives. This allows them to build their self-esteem. Guides provide a unique girl-only environment, vital for personal and social development. It’s a safe, inclusive space where girls can be comfortable just being themselves. Guiding offers a unique opportunity for girls to acquire leadership skills, to become self-reliant, to enjoy the friendship of other women and girls, and to develop a sense of well-being and self-worth.

There is plenty of research to show that girls and boys realise a greater degree of their potential if they spend part of their time in a single-sex environment.

[Ref: Girl Guides Australia]

Do Guides wear a uniform?

A uniform is worn by all members of Guiding.  This creates a sense of unity and identifies our members as Guides.

The uniform was designed with input from the Guiding community to be vibrant, modern, practical and attractive.

Our uniform tops include a choice between polo shirts, V-necked shirts, a blue shirt (for teens) or a striped shirt (for adults). Navy bottoms are worn with any of these options.

The uniform is purchased from the Guides Victoria Shop.

Girl Guide uniform

The Australian Guide Program has been developed to teach life-skills and leadership while having fun, making friends and enjoying the outdoors.  By providing opportunities for girls to develop as individuals (Self), in the areas of Physical development, Practical skills and relationships with other People, she will be empowered to shape her own future and reach her potential.

These are incorporated into programs with the seven fundamentals of Guiding.

Does Guiding have an Acknowledgement to Country?

Girl Guides Victoria acknowledges and pays respect to past, present and emerging Traditional Custodians and Elders of this country and values the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

-> learn more about the Guide Victoria Acknowledgement to Country