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We bring to you exclusive news of an increasingly unusual event that began at Lingbogol last night and is attracting an ever-increasing crowd of participants aged from 5-18.


Last night we brought you news of a gathering of muggles camped out at Lingbogol. Today, we are not so convinced of their muggle status. 

We believe they may in fact have arrived early and endured outdoor camping conditions to assure entry to something larger unfolding here today.

Magic is in the air.

The traditional Girl Guide camping attire seen yesterday has been replaced with a variety of house colours. Reinforcements in similar garments have been arriving steadily throughout the morning. These latest arrivals appear to be smaller and younger.

I even overheard a reference to a Lingbogol Quidditch match.

Surely not.

Person Of Interest

Sources have revealed that a person operating under the alias of "Opal" has been largely responsible for the events unfolding at Lingbogol.

Having taken control over a team of volunteers, Opal has executed a well-organised plan to gather together the assembly of girls and to lead them in a range of activities. Until now, Opal has blended in well with a community of muggle Girl Guides.

Exhaustion may soon ensue so approach with extreme caution (and appreciation).

"We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are."
- Sirius Black

It soon became obvious that today's gathering was in direct pursuit of enhancing magical abilities. I took the opportunity to mingle within the crowd to observe their behaviour and to ask questions. I have documented my observations.

The day began with everybody making a withdrawal from Gringotts, each with a little bag of galleons, sickles and knuts. This currency was then used to purchase snacks from the food trolley, a spell book, and a magic wand (with the special ability to detect UV). These items were placed in a bag matching house colours that also contained a ticket for transport on the Hogwarts Express.

Throughout the day I witnessed many girls helping each other to practice the execution of spells with their new wands.

"Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open."
- Albus Dumbledore

Region Day 2022 (32) Alfredton

Potions Dungeon

A potions class was taught by Professor Wright where participants made their own potions to address individual ailments. This looked to be a collection of non-magical items such as dried rosemary, lavender and scented tea.

Professor Hopkins instructed the science lessons that included bicarb rockets and producing basilisk snakes from firepits.

Care of Magical Creatures

Many magical creatures were created during this session, including owls, dragons, hedgehogs and dragons eyes.

Transformation Class

You won't believe the goings-on I saw.  If you can believe it, a game of "Pin the Scar on Harry Potter".  I might have been more appalled except that thy were doing a pretty good job.  There was a disappearing cloak, tattoos, a magical body bubble and a deathly hallows made from natural items found nearby.


It was all happening at Hogsmeade. The girls were busy making lemon sherbet, floo powder, mandrakes and tin foil dragons. They sorted Harry Potter books into sequential order and played games that included a unicorn shake, collecting Cornish Pixies and moving dragon eggs with chopsticks. They even tried to imitate an Erumpent by seeing who could balance the longest horn on their head. Amazing.

House Cup

I didn't see this one coming.

At the end of today's event is was revealed that unbeknownst to the girls, the House Cup was up for grabs. Teams were awarded points for working well together and achieving specific results.  The winner of the 2022 House Cup was announced as:


Congratulations to all girls representing the team of Hufflepuffs.

Lingbogol Quidditch

This was something to behold.

A unique variation of the traditional game of Quidditch. But more about that in another edition.