• Learn the types of tracks left by different animals
  • Animal poo can also be helpful when tracking – use playdough to create the poo of different types of animals.  (What scat is that?)
  • Find out about an endangered animal and be able to explain some things that should be done to help it.
  • Identify and explain the difference between queen, drone and worker bees. Know how to treat bee stings.
  • For at least 4 weeks, care for an animal, such as a chicken, lamb or calf, that is usually raised for food. Keep a daily record of what you did.
  • Choose an indigenous (native) plant, fish, bird, insect or other animal and preparing a project, wall chart or logbook on it
  • Visit a zoo, botanical garden, nature reserve, forest or a natural history museum and report on what was seen.
    Watch the stages of growth of an animal. Use drawings and photographs to document the stages.
  • List 5 animals that are used in circus work. Choose one of them and describe how it can be trained to perform.

Need more of a challenge?

  • Find out about 5 fish caught in the rivers or oceans of Australia.
  • Make a safe bird bath or bird-feeding table and observing and describing the birds that visit it.
  • Know how leather is prepared from hides and know 4 different types of hides and their uses.
  • Milk a cow by hand or machine, or a goat by hand, using correct preparation and stripping.
  • Make a migration chart showing the pathways followed by one migratory bird that visits Australia.



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