Subcamp leader

  • Preferably have current camping/outdoor qualifications
  • Work with Group leaders to pass on information and ensure smooth running of camp
  • Lead subcamp team to provide the best possible experience for guides and leaders
  • Set a friendly and supportive atmosphere and encourage all guides to participate in activities


Subcamp Program

  • Work with subcamp leader to ensure all guides are aware of their assigned stream or expedition and encourage them to participate in the range of activities provided
  • Work with Group staff to ensure rostered leaders are on time for any allocated program duties
  • Undertake program duties if and when asked


Subcamp Catering

  • Work with Group Staff to provide breakfast for guides throughout the week
  • Work with Group staff to ensure guides have access to meals and extra supplies as provided
  • Be prepared to assist the central catering team to provide meals either on site or at other venues as required
  • Ensure sub camp members with special dietary needs are supported and provided with correct meals


Subcamp Health and Welfare

  • Review and maintain confidentiality subcamp members medical information
  • Ensure accurate records are maintained of first aid actions undertaken and medications taken by subcamp members.
  • Ensure subcamp members maintain good welfare practices including hydration, sun protection, washing hands, showering and toileting, airing of bedding and tents
  • Assist subcamp members with any health or welfare issues
  • Work with Inclusion support staff to meet specific needs of guides within the subcamp to ensure they have a positive experience throughout camp


Subcamp Carer

  • Be assigned to be the carer for a specific youth member and is generally arranged prior to camp
  • Work with other subcamp staff to ensure a positive experience for the youth member throughout camp
  • Liaise with the Inclusion support staff where further support may be required


Group Leader

  • Work with the central team to ensure a safe and positive experience for all youth and adult participants.
  • Attend Group meetings during camp
  • Work with Group staff to meet the subcamp needs for camping equipment, catering and food, medical and welfare support, and program.
  • Set a positive and inclusive tone for the group and subcamps


Group Staff

  • Work with the Group Leader to support the subcamp leaders within the Group to provide a positive experience for all the guides.
  • Attend specific sections meetings when asked
  • Provide support to Program, Catering, Inclusion and Welfare and Sites and Services teams when asked.



  • Assist with administration and sharing of information as required with group leaders, the transport team, catering team and sites and services team
  • Assist with coordinating the provision of a guide shop and other services on site



  • Assist the Catering manager to ensure the smooth provision of meals from breakfasts on subcamps/group sites, lunches for off-site activities, central catering of lunch and dinner on site, extra food as required



  • Be part of a special section of the program providing entertainment each evening throughout the event



  • Be part of a dedicated team providing medical support to guides and adults throughout the event
  • Relevant qualifications and experience will be required



  • Share the experiences of guides during the event through social media and other means
  • Work with Communication staff to promote the event to the local and wider community


Program activities

  • Assist with the huge undertaking of providing safe and exciting program for guides throughout the week. This could be assisting with specific streams or expeditions, onsite activities, the survival day or the water activities at Lake Wendouree.
  • Provide an inclusive and positive experience for all guides participating in the various parts of the program



  • Assist with the maintenance of security for all guides and leaders throughout camp including monitoring of those attending the site


Sites and Services

  • Work as part of a team to ensure equipment is delivered across the site as required, requests from subcamps are met where possible and equipment is packed up at the end of the camp
  • Ensure all hygiene facilities on site (toilets, showers etc) are serviced as required
  • Work with catering and program teams to ensure they have the required equipment to provide these services


Transport and Logistics

  • Assist with the management of transport to and from the site for arrival, off site activities and departure of guides and adults.



  • Be part of the team providing support and welfare services to guides and adults during the camp
  • Be available to supervise welfare spaces as well as support individual guides to have a positive experience throughout camp



  • Happy to help wherever is needed to ensure guides and leaders having a memorable experience