Peak Achievements

We are proud of all the achievements and accomplishments of our Guides, in their Guiding programs, in their school environment, and in their life beyond.

We acknowledge our Ballarat Guides who have worked hard and been awarded for the Peak Achievements of Queens Guide Award and BP Award.

We would like to compile a complete list of recipients. Feel free to contact us with details of Guides we have not yet included.

Queens Guide awardees

The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award for youth members of Girl Guides Australia. It provides an opportunity for personal development, self-awareness and attaining knowledge and and skills.  The Award requires significant determination, initiative, self-motivation, resilience and commitment and is pursued only by a small number of  Guides.

Guides are required to accomplish tasks in leadership, community service (volunteer work), outdoor skills, cultural awareness, working with peers, and to advance their own personal development in areas of their choice in the form of a ‘focus’ and an ‘interest’.

Naomi Gerrard2022Ballarat District
Makealah Currie201611th Ballarat Guides
Lydia201611th Ballarat Guides
Michaela Mullaney2021/2022Ballarat District
Kaitlyn Brown2019/20201st Sebastopol Guides
Bianca Gerrard2014?
Lauren Chester2020Central Highlands Olaves
Margaret Littlehales1961?

Baden-Powell awardees

Chloe Bensberg-Corcoran2018Eureka Butterfly Guides
Jacinta McCarthy2017Eureka Butterfly Guides
Makealah Currie2014Eureka Butterfly Guides
Zayda Vandenberg20161st Sebastopol Guides
Vanessa Park20161st Sebastopol Guides
Belinda Evans19934th Ballarat Guides
Kaitlyn Brown20161st Sebastopol Guides
Ashleigh Goossens20171st Sebastopol Guides
Ellie Montgomery20161st Sebastopol Guides
Jade Montgomery1st Sebastopol Guides
Rebecca Donaldson1st Sebastopol Guides
Michelle Donaldson1st Sebastopol Guides
Rachael Sanders1st Sebastopol Guides
Sally Rehfisch20161st Sebastopol Guides
Elizabeth Whitten20171st Sebastopol Guides
Jacinta Ainley1st Sebastopol Guides
Alison Coley1st Sebastopol Guides
Angela Smith20161st Sebastopol Guides
Lauren Chester201611th Ballarat Guides
Maddy Young201611th Ballarat Guides
Kaitlyn Pollock201911th Ballarat Guides
Amy Chester201911th Ballarat Guides
Maggie Browning201911th Ballarat Guides
Emily Shearer-Cox202111th Ballarat Guides
Gracie Sherman201911th Ballarat Guides
Louise Damen201111th Ballarat Guides
Tiana Collins202111th Ballarat Guides
Nyajima Reath202111th Ballarat Guides
Alicia Pollock201911th Ballarat Guides
Amy Chester201911th Ballarat Guides
Gracie Sherman201911th Ballarat Guides
Maggie Browning201111th Ballarat Guides
Yvette Haynes201611th Ballarat Guides
Erica Ferguson19951st Alredton Guides