Region Activity Day

April 6, 2022

The intention in 2022 is to celebrate 100 years of Ballarat Guiding with as many joint activities as possible.

With this in mind, at the end of term 1 our Girl Guide units participated in a Central Highlands Region event. This special activity coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter movies, so of course we had a weekend with a magical focus.

A team of volunteer Leaders planned for weeks for the first region camp in two years. Our older Guides camped outdoors in tents to begin their preparation for the 2023 Jamboree.  Our younger Guides joined in for a full-day activity.

Almost 100 Guides enjoyed theme-related activities that included:

  • making potions to address individual ailments
  • launching bicarb rocket
  • producing basilisk snakes from firepits
  • creating magical creatures – owls, dragons, hedgehogs and dragons eyes
  • playing “Pin the Scar on Harry Potter”
  • experimenting with disappearing cloaks, tattoos, a magical body bubble
  • constructing a deathly hallows from natural items found nearby
  • making lemon sherbet, floo powder, mandrakes and tin foil dragons
  • sorting Harry Potter books into sequential order
  • collecting Cornish Pixies and moving dragon eggs with chopsticks
  • imitating an Erumpent by balancing the longest horn
  • icing blocking
  • exploding watermelons

The Lingbogol Quidditch match was won by Ravenclaw and the House Cup by Hufflepuff.

Details and photos from the activity were reported in the Lingbogol Prophet.

Magic Happens at Lingbogol badgeThis event launched a brand new badge as a fundraiser for our Lingbogol Guide Camp.

Learn more about the unique Magic Happens at Lingbogol  badge and how you can purchase it to add to your own badge collection.



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