• Do some cooking using a recipe that involves measurements and weights.
  • Learn a magic trick that uses numbers and try it out on your patrol
  • With your unit, play a game of Adding Ladders (resources)
  • Make your own fake money, in whatever value you choose and with whatever decorations you choose.
  • Learn a new number in the times table that you haven’t done at school (eg if you are up to the 4 times table at school, learn the 5 times table by yourself).
  • Estimate how fast you will be over a certain distance doing each of the following: skipping, running, hopping, running backwards, walking, running on all fours.   Then time yourself and see how close you were.
  • Know your telephone number, the emergency number and at least one other important telephone number.
  • See if you can fit 50 natural objects into a film canister.
  • Discover what numerology is, and explain it to your unit
  • Learn to count to 20 in a different language.


  • Collect least 50 different specimens in connection with your hobby or interest. Eg stamps, postcards, badges etc. Arrange them neatly and systematically.
  • Write about a visit you have made to a library, an art gallery or museum (within the past 6 months). Describe how the specimens there were displayed.


  • Show how to properly use tweezers, magnifying glass, perforation gauge, stamp catalogue and show how to soak and dry stamps.
  • Know the meaning of the following philatelic terms; bilingual, coil stamps, first day covers, face value, imperforate, mint, overprint, perforate, postage, re-issue, special issue, surtax, used, watermark, cancellation, commemorative issue, se-tenant.



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