• Imagine that all humans had to move to Mars – draw the sort of house that you might live in, and the sort of outfits you might wear.  Remember that no part of your skin is allowed to touch the air on Mars.
  • Make a spaceship out of cardboard boxes, toilet rolls and aluminium foil.
  • Make your own rocket
  • Draw a diagram of the solar system showing the planets, their sizes and their distances from the sun.
  • Use playdough to make models of the planets.
  • Know the order of the planets and make up your own mnemonic (eg My Very Energetic Mother Jumps Straight Up Nightly).
  • Be able to draw the Southern Cross and name each star.
  • Be able to find at least one constellation in the sky, other than the Southern Cross
  • Create a play about aliens visiting earth and perform it with your patrol.
  • Observe the moon, planets or stars through a telescope or visit a planetarium and describe what you saw
  • Observe the different phases of the moon over a lunar cycle. Record the date when you saw the “new” moon and make sketches on each occasion.
  • Know how to obtain a compass direction from the stars.
  • Learn about Galileo.
  • Learn about the first landing on the moon.
  • Explain what is meant by weightlessness and how astronauts eat and breathe when in space.
  • Find out about communication satellites and explain how TV pictures can be sent from one country to another.
  • Explain what the sky is and why it is blue.
  • List six Astronauts who have rocketed to the moon and the countries from which they have come.



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