• Organise a game of Kim’s Game with your patrol
  • Do an obstacle course blindfolded, with a partner at your side to give directions.
  • With your patrol or unit, try doing ‘drawings in the dark’.  Turn off the lights and try drawing a house, a tree, a person – see who can do the best in the dark.
  • Try walking around the hall with your eyes closed, using a long stick to tap in front of you.
  • Can you become more confident doing this?
  • Take photos of well-known people from magazines and cut out around the eyes. See if the Guides can recognise the people by their eyes.
  • Organise an observation walk for your unit
  • Know the alphabet in Braille.
  • Be able to count from 1 to 20 using Braille.
  • Have a visit from a Guide dog and learn about what they do and how to approach them.
  • Go on a walk, and see if you can spot one natural object for each colour in the rainbow.
  • Be able to read and write a message using a form of code.
  • Find out how the eye works and list two ways to take care of our eyes.
  • Find out about colour blindness.

Need more of a challenge?

  • After reading a passage from a book, re-tell that passage in sign language.
  • Demonstrate the use and care of a microscope.
  • Learn about optical illusions and show some to your unit.
  • Learn about iridology and take turns diagnosing each other
  • Find out about Fred Hollows.



Badge Syllabus Ideas


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