• Demonstrate to your Leader how to safely light a match and a candle and how to blow it out safely.
  • Make a candle from beeswax
  • Draw a map of your house and show all the exits that could be used in case there was a fire. Mark in the smoke alarms and ask your parents whether the batteries have been changed recently.  Know the date on which they should be changed.
  • Practise Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Make a poster showing different places in a house where a fire could start.
  • Know how to treat a burn
  • Practise crawling under smoke and touching a door to see if it is hot before opening it.
  • Know the emergency number to call if you see a fire.
  • Demonstrate how to grade a woodpile.
  • Cook marshmallows over candles.
  • Cook on an open fire with adult help.
  • Visit a fire station.
  • Find out about the Olympic Flame.
  • Find out how fires were lit before we had matches and when matches were invented.
  • Investigate fire ants and fireflies.
  • Made and use a portable instruments at a campfire

Need more of a challenge?

  • Know how to extinguish different types of fires (eg clothing, pan of fat on fire, fire caused by electricity).
  • Know how to light a campfire
  • Know how to avoid, and treat, sunburn
  • Find out about fire bans in Victoria
  • Show how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Know the regulations of lighting of fires in the open.



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