Open Books


  • Bring in your favourite book to show your unit, and tell them a bit about it.
  • Make your own bookmark
  • Write a fiction story about a Guide having an adventure and draw a picture of what she does.
  • Write a report about a trip you have taken.
  • Keep a diary for a week
  • Participate in the MS Readathon.
  • Write a fiction story, poem or play.
  • Research your favourite author and be able to tell your unit three interesting things about them.
  • Read 3 books by different authors, approved by your teacher as suitable. Prepare a written recount of each book.
  • Visit a local library and borrow a book. Know how books in a library are classified.
  • Be able to identify the following parts of a book: spine, pages, title, author, illustration, call number.
  • Find out about Book Week and share this information with the unit.
  • Choose one of your favourite books and design a front cover. Have a think about what you need to include to inform readers about book.
  • Demonstrate the use of a dictionary.
  • Write a biography about a famous person.
  • Interview a person connected with Guiding. Find out what that person does in Guiding and write a report about what your find.
  • Produce a comic strip consisting of four or five frames with characters telling a story.
  • Make a poster using photographs or drawings to tell a story about something interesting you have done, with a sentence under each picture telling what it is about.
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