• Be able to tie a reef knot with your feet
  • Do a drawing, and write your name on it, using a pencil held in your feet.
  • In your unit, have everyone cut out their footprint from paper.  Line the footprints up in size order then have all the girls line up next to their footprint.  See whether having a larger foot means you will be taller.
  • Set up a course for a soccer ball to be navigated with your feet.
  • Create a poster showing ways to take care of your feet.
  • Organise a penny hike for your unit
  • Find a partner and take turns painting each other’s toenails
  • Teach the unit to dance Strip the Willow or an Aussie bush dance.
  • Tread gently with your big toe onto an ink pad then press it onto a piece of paper. Your toe print can then be made into a creatures by drawing simple legs, dots, antenna etc. Make a fun picture.
  • Draw a face on the sole of the feet of each member of your patrol. Put together a quick toe mime of a nursery rhyme.
  • Perform a dance of your own choice, already learnt, to contain a variety of steps.
  • Help plan and go on a daytime hike of at least 2 hours. Plan where to go, what to wear and what to take.
  • Find out when bound feet was most fashionable for Chinese women
  • Learn how to correct pedicure feet
  • Learn about reflexology, and be able to point out which parts of the feet correspond to 3 different parts of the body (resources)
  • Play some games using your feet:
    • naughts and crosses using only feet
    • Foot-o-War (Tie a loop in both ends of a rope and a marker in the middle of the length of rope. Two people sit facing each other, legs outstretched, with a loop over one of their feet. The aim is to pull the marker to your side of the playing area by using only your foot. Of course, the other person is pulling in the other direction.
    • Twinkle Toes (collect and label bottles of nail polish from 1 to 6. Take turns to roll a dice. When a 3 is rolled, paint your third toe with the polish labelled as 3. If you roll a 6, paint any toe)
    • Balance along a line on the ground as if it were a tightrope.
  • Learn to darn socks
  • Investigate painting made by ‘foot and mouth’ artists. Try this skill for yourself.
  • Foot fashion: Cut out pictures of different shoes from magazines. Make a poster showing where you would wear each pair and those you ‘wouldn’t be seen dead in



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