• Interview an older person about their life, what they wore, ate, played etc
  • Learn to look after a baby.  Show how the correct way to hold a baby.
  • Help prepare and eat a food from a different country (resources)
  • Make a Friendship Tree. Draw a large tree on A4 paper, then write nice things on each leaf about the other members of your patrol.
  • Participate in an international activity
  • Learn to write and say your name in a different language.
  • Listen to a guest speaker to speak about their experiences growing up in another country.
  • Learn about a major festival from a religion – make a poster showing the food that is eaten, any particular clothes that are worn, and any particular activities or customs.
  • Participate in an service activity
  • Cook and eat a food from a different country.
  • Know the names of people, their titles, and what they do at your place of worship.
  • Know the countries in the WAGGGS Asia Pacific region and mark them on a map. Which World Centre is in our region?
  • Choose one country from the Asia Pacific region (not Australia) and make a poster about it: its food, recipes, games, culture, flag, craft, scenery, songs and so on.
  • Find out how you can communicate with people by the use of telephone, facsimile machine, photocopier, video recorder or camera.
  • Visit an Historical Society and compare the items other people used with what is used today.
  • Look into equipment available for older people, such as walking frames.
  • Visit you local Trefoil Guild and compare the differences in Guiding from when they were young, to what you do today.
  • Find out about another community organisation and find out their purpose and how they use volunteers.
  • Find out about and overseas service project.
  • Learn about the United Nations Organisation, including flag.
  • Find out about children from a developing country and the life they lead. Organise an activity for your unit to help somebody in a developing country.
  • Design a poster on a current global issue and make a presentation to your unit.



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