• Know 3 rules for safety on the internet.
  • Be able to name the following components of a computer; monitor, CPU, keyboard, printer, mouse. Give a basic explanation of the function/purpose of each.
  • Take part in 3 software programs (other than games) and be able to print out your work.
  • Send your Leader an email making sure to include a subject and signature.
  • Play a computer game and tell your patrol about it
  • Write a list of rules for the computer room and your home computer.
  • Type a document using a Wordprocessor (eg Word) or desktop publishing program (eg Publisher). Save it to a memory stick and print it out.
  • Create a poster showing good behaviour around a computer.
  • Find the websites of the Four World Centres (Our Chalet, Pax Lodge, Sangam and Our Cabana).
  • Pick a subject and do some research using online sources such as Wikipedia.  Print out your research and show it to your Leader.
  • Visit the Girl Guides Victoria and Girl Guides Australia web sites. Navigate the sites to find some programming ideas you would like to try.
  • Use imaging software to change the colour, shape or features of a photograph of yourself. Print the original and the changed version.
  • Visit a television channel, radio station or newspaper house to see how it operates and tell the unit about your visit.
  • Try typing on a manual typewriter and explain how it compares to using a computer keyboard.
  • Use a computer to produce a newsletter, poster or pamphlet to promote Guiding.

Need more of a challenge?

  • Make a Powerpoint presentation about an aspect of Guiding
  • Make a Powerpoint presentation about your time in Guides



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