• Make a telephone using tin cans or plastic cups (resources)
  • Sit outside, close your eyes and listen for 5 natural sounds, and 5 unnatural sounds.
  • See if you can recognise patrol members by voice
  • Finger spell your name using the Auslan alphabet.
  • Learn the correct way to talk to a person with hearing difficulties (resources).
  • Wear a blindfold and see if you can follow someone around a course by their voice.
  • Organise to Play Chinese Whispers
  • Think about the noises you have heard today – describe the loudest noise, most continuous noise, most often noise, most surprising noise, friendliest noise and weirdest noise you have heard.
  • Make earrings for pierced and/or unpierced ears.  Explain how to take care of pierced ears.
  • Recognise 2 birds by their noise
  • List 5 things that can damage ears or hearing, and what you can do to avoid them.
  • Learn to use a public telephone correctly in case of emergency.
  • Find out how the ear works.

Need more of a challenge?

  • Learn to sign the Guide Promise



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