• Use a supermarket catalogue to cut out pictures of foods that you should eat often, eat sometimes and eat rarely and make a poster.
  • Come up with 10 reasons why Guides with just girls is better than if boys were allowed in too.
  • Make a piece of jewellery
  • Interview your mum or any adult female friend and find out some interesting things about her life.
  • Write an article about what you want to be when you grow up.  Talk about how women historically weren’t able to do all the same jobs as men but now they can.
  • Organise for someone to come and talk about growing up or being a girl in another country.
  • Use cut out dolls to learn about different national costumes
  • Make a Friendship Tree. Draw a large tree on A4 paper, then write nice things on each leaf about the other members of your patrol.
  • Find out about 2 vitamins/nutrients that are important for girls in particular and know some foods that contain them (a challenge for 10+ year olds).
  • Organise ‘girly night’ for your unit.
  • Pick a woman you admire (in your life or from history) and tell your unit 5 things about them.
  • With your unit, organise a Crystal Palace rally re-enactment in mime



Badge Syllabus Ideas


Girl Guide Badges