• Build a bird’s nest using only natural materials – make sure it is sturdy and soft.
  • Demonstrate to your Leader how to safely light a match and a candle.
  • Create a project about different types of houses (eg igloos, teepees, huts)
  • Draw a map of your house and show all the exits that could be used in case there was a fire.
  • Mark in the smoke alarms.
  • Draw a picture of everyone who lives in your house – discuss with your unit the different families that people have.
  • Make something out of second-hand material and explain how you will use it.
  • Pick one extra job to do around the house and do that for a week.
  • Create your ideal bedroom in a shoebox.
  • Learn to clean a bath and basin at home
  • Clean a cupboard at home, including washing the shelves
  • Show how to sweep, dust and vacuum and use those skills in your room for a month
  • Know how to address a letter, giving full name and street address, name of town, state, postcode and return address.
  • Show how to place saucepans on a stove in a safe way
  • Show how to wash and dry knives, carry them and pass them to another person in a safe way
  • Know how the following can be a danger to young children: plastic bags, medicines, scissors, open fires

Need more of a challenge?

  • Learn where fuse box and the water meter are in your home and know what they do
  • Know how to use basic household equipment – have a parent sign that you can safely use the microwave, washing machine, television, dishwasher and oven.
  • Learn to clean brass or copper, silver and/or cutlery.
  • Show how to pack, wrap and address a parcel for delivery. Know what articles may not be sent via the post.
  • Find a map of Ballarat and mark in some important services, such as the hospital, your doctor, the library, police station, post office and railway station.
  • Find out about the first settlers in Sebastopol (or your own town/suburb).



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