• Make a poster showing 3 different ways to care for nature.
  • Keep track of the weather for a week – record whether it was sunny or cloudy or rainy, and see if you can find out the temperature for each day.
  • Go outside to a garden or park and watch the grass closely.  See how many different bugs you can find.  Pick one and try to follow it for 2 minutes.
  • Make a bouquet of flowers for someone special.
  • On a walk, see if you can spot natural objects of 7 different colours.
  • Use recycled materials to make something useful.
  • Find out what is recycled in your area. Make a poster showing this.
  • Be able to identify three different flowers and bring in an example of each.
  • Make a nature bracelet by taping a piece of masking tape around your wrist (sticky side away from your skin).  Walk around in a park and add different natural objects to your bracelet.
  • Make a floral arrangement as a centrepiece for a table.
  • Make a card using only a piece of paper, glue and natural objects.
  • Make a poster showing 5 different ways to care for nature.
  • Visit a national park, wildlife sanctuary or nature reserve. Prepare a project explaining why it exists, the rules about it and the reason for these rules.
  • Prepare a project showing the ways in which you can look after the countryside when hiking, on family outings, camping etc.
  • Prepare a poster about the reasons for recycling bottles, cans, packaging and paper.
  • Find out the names and be able to describe the general living habits of 5 Australian mammals, reptiles, birds or insects that you have seen in their natural surroundings.
  • Find out the floral emblem of Victoria.
  • By tidying up litter, planting a tree or shrub, or some other activity, help make a local park or bushland area a more beautiful place for the enjoyment of all.
  • Sit quietly in bushland/garden/park for a period of 30 minutes. Make a list of sounds you recognise. Try to find out from someone else the sounds you didn’t recognise.
  • Learn tracking signs and follow a trail. The trail should be at least 100 metres and consist of at least 8 signs.
  • Find out 3 ways of reducing your garbage at home. Take note of the amount of garbage thrown out in a week. For the next week, reduce the amount of garbage thrown out from your home.

Need more of a challenge?

  • Make your own erupting volcano
  • Make a tornado in a bottle
  • Discover a website where you can find the temperature, wind speed and amount of rainfall for your city.  Use the Bureau of Meterology site as a starting point
  • Make a display or model about conservation and show it to the Guides in your unit.
  • Draw a compass dial marking in 8 direction points. Follow a simple trail using a compass and set a trail for another group to follow.
  • Know the rules governing public use of National Parks and walking tracks. Know how to dispose of litter while on hikes and rambles. Understand fire regulations and precautions.
  • Find out ways of saving electricity in your home. Learn to read your electricity metre. Read it at the start and end of a week to see how much electricity you use. Read the metre again after another week when you have tried to save electricity. Compare how much electricity you have saved.
  • Talk about ways of saving water at home. Learn to read your water meter. Read it at the start and end of a week to see how much water you use. Read the metre again after another week when you have tried to save water. Compare how much water you have saved.



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