• Spend 2 nights on a Guide camp.
  • Follow a kit list and pack your own bag to attend to a camp or sleepover.
  • List some camp rules and explain why such rules are necessary.
  • Take part in a campfire.
  • Decorate a dilly bag (drawstring bag for plates, etc).
  • Help to cook a meal outdoors.
  • Know how to pitch and strike a tent
  • Take part in cooking and cleaning duties on camp.
  • As a patrol, strike tent in silence.
  • Practice tying a bedroll (lay tarp on the ground, make up your bed (mattress, sleeping bag, pillow) on top, then fold the two long edges of the tarp in and roll it up from the short edge).
  • Camp at least one weekend under canvas.
  • Use square lashing to make a simple gadget and use it whilst camping.
  • Show how to store bread, milk, butter and meat to protect from heat, flies dust, animals etc.
  • Make a bivouac and spend the night in it.
  • Take part in a juggling or circus skills workshop.
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