• Make a Chinese lantern
  • Make a paper doll chain (resources).
  • Know how to carry and pass scissors safely.  Demonstrate this to your Leader.
  • In patrols, see  who can make the longest continuous strip by tearing a lolly wrapper using only your hands.  Then try with scissors and see if you can make a longer one.
  • Know how to treat a cut caused by scissors.
  • Use your mouth as scissors – try nibbling biscuits (such as Milk Arrowroots) into different shapes.
  • Try using the other hand than you usually use to do some cutting out.  .
  • Make a shredded beanie (cut 2 30x30cm squares of fleece.  On each square, cut thin strips on 3 of the edges – about 10cm long and 2cm wide.
  • Tie the two squares together by the strips).
  • Be able to describe three different types of scissors and what they are used for
  • Choose a craft and make 3 different articles which show the variety of your craft.
  • Know the names of you “tools of trade” (the articles you use in your craft), how to use them and how to look after them.
  • Make a toy from old, clean stockings of at least 23cm high or long.
  • Make a well-arranged scrapbook for a grown-up or child in hospital.
  • Make a papier-mâché mask to resemble yourself.
  • Use a needle and cotton to mend a tear in an item.
  • Be able to sew on 2 different types of buttons.
  • Make a square of knitting using two basic knitting stitches.
  • Make a useful knitted item, including casting on and off.
  • Make something useful from macramé.
  • Make a model of something (eg aeroplane, car etc) from a kit.
  • Make a soap carving.
  • Make wrapping paper suitable for a birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Decorate an egg for an Easter gift.
  • Make a simple soft toy suitable for a small child or baby (don’t use wire or pins for eyes or limbs). Using a pattern, crochet one of the following: handbag, knee-rug, cot/pram set, jumper, tea cosy, table mat.
  • Using fine thread or wool and a hook sized 2.50 or smaller, crochet one of the following: doll’s outfit, baby’s bootees, table mat.
  • Make a plaited leather article (eg belt, necklace, dog leash etc)



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