• Create something beautiful using only recycled materials.
  • Make a collage – you can use photos, natural materials, glitter, torn paper, beads, anything you like!
  • Paint a design on an object or on glass.
  • Make a card for someone.
  • Paint a landscape.
  • Make a sculpture of clay or similar.
  • Make 3 pieces of origami.
  • Do a mosaic.
  • Do some beading.
  • Make a chart showing the primary and secondary colours, and the connection between them
  • Make an all-over design using some method of printing, such as potato-cut printing, home-made stick print, and use it as a book cover, mat, wall hanging etc.
  • Know how leather is prepared from hides and know 4 different types of hides and their uses. Know what other materials are suitable as a substitute for leather.

Drama and film

  • Recite a poem to an audience from memory.
  • With your patrol, put on a play that involves costumes and props.
  • Discover three interesting facts about an actor, actress or director of your choice.
  • Perform a mime.
  • Put on a puppet show – either by yourself or with a group.
  • Attend a play and describe the story, explaining what you liked and disliked.
  • Dress up and act or mime, or use puppets, to illustrate a well-known story or an event from history

Musical Appreciation

  • Be able to recognise (by sight and sound) at least 6 instruments and instrumental groups that are played in orchestras and bands.
  • Choose a well-known composer, find out their life stories, and the type of music they wrote.
  • On an instrument of your choice, play one version of “Advance Australia Fair” and a piece you enjoy.
  • Draw a staff, clef, sharp, flat, natural note, rest and explain their use.


  • Take at least 10 photographs you have taken yourself, neatly arranged in an album. Include at least one photograph of each of the following; a person, group of people, landscape, animal, architecture (building etc).
  • Name the main parts of a camera and know how to look after it well.
  • Take a series of photos that tell a story and present them in an interesting way.


  • Perform a dance of your own choice, already learnt, to contain a variety of steps.
  • Make a scrapbook showing as many different kinds of dancing as possible.
  • Choose 3 countries. Find out about the type of national dancing, costume worn and sort of music used for accompaniment.
  • Take part in a dance class that is a new style for you.


  • Know well a complete set of free exercises.
  • Know well a complete rod set which includes top grid as well as normal under grip.
  • Know well a complete club set
  • Participate in a performance using a variety of dance styles
  • Know the importance of warming up and cooling down at the beginning and end of a session



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