• Go on a bike ride with some other people for at least 15 minutes.
  • Know road-crossing safety
  • Organise a trip travelling by 3 different ways (car, bus, train, foot).
  • Borrow a wheelchair and find out what it is like to use one.
  • Make a car from lego (or similar) that will survive a course.
  • Know how to be a sensible passenger on a bus or in a car.
  • Write an account of a car, bus or train trip that you have taken.
  • Learn to skateboard or rollerblade, and demonstrate it to your unit.
  • Rollerskate/rollerblade forwards and backwards and come to a smooth unassisted stop.
  • Obtain a timetable from the railway station and plan a trip for your family. Draw a map to the destination and plan what you will do when you get there.
  • Plan a make-believe day trip for our Guides. Think about all the details: what will we do, how will we get there, how long will it take, how much will it cost, how many adults will we need, what will we need to take etc
  • Choose 4 different ways to travel (eg plane, train, bus, car, horseback) and list the good points and bad points about each.
  • Make a poster illustrating at least 3 aspects of safe bike riding.
  • List 3 safety rules for passengers travelling in a car.
  • Ride a bicycle of the right size using the brakes correctly.
  • Keep the bicycle clean and know how to pump up the tyres.
  • Find out how to determine “lighting up time” and know why lights are necessary.
    • Show that you know:
    • the rules of the road for cyclists
    • the signals that cyclist give and observe
    • the correct way to turn right at crossroads
  • Know the reasons why you should wear an approved safety helmet.
  • Know how to put air in the tyres of a bike and a car. 
  • Know where the spare tyre of your car kept? It is full-sized or for short-term use?
  • Learn how to use the jack of a car
  • Under the bonnet of the car, know where to refill the water for the windscreen washers and radiator.  Know how to check that you have enough oil.
  • Get an adult to teach you how to turn off the engine of the car (this could be important in an emergency one day).
  • Clean your car windows both inside and out.  Clean the mirrors as well.

Extra Fun (not a clause)

  • organise a “wheelbarrow relay” with your unit.



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