News & Updates

Sebastopol Guides Poppers (1)

An Exciting Week of Guiding

Ballarat Girl Guide Units have hosted special sessions and welcomed visitors

Delacombe Junior Guides Mothers Pyjamas 2023 (3)

Mother & Daughter Night

Some of our Guides have an enjoyed a fun night with their Mums. In their pyjamas.

Sebastopol Giudes 2023 Wounds (7)

Moulage @ Guides

Some of our Guides have enjoyed a fun night of moulage.

Try Guiding 2023 (1)

Try Guiding

Ballarat Guides invite you to come along and join in a fun night with our Girl Guides.

Trefoil Melbourne Visit 2023 (1)

Trefoils in Melbourne

Our Ruff Diamond Trefoils have enjoyed a lovely day shopping in Melbourne.

GirlGuidesBallarat AnzacDay SebastopolMarch

2023 Anzac Day Services

Local Girl Guides will be attending various Anzac Day services throughout Ballarat.

Begonia Guides Wendouree Wetlands

Begonias earn water badge

The Begonia Guides have taken advantage of the lovely weather in term 1 to earn the Water badge.

Delacombe Junior Guides Clean Up 2023 (4)

Clean Up Australia 2023

Ballarat Girl Guides contributed to the Clean Up Australia program as one of their annual service projects

Thinking Day 2023 N

Thinking Day 2023

Ballarat girls enjoyed Thinking Day celebrations with an activity-filled Region event.

Construction Destruction 2023 (26)

Water Bombs in the Park

Some of our Ballarat Guides have enjoyed a Construction/Destruction event with the local Scouts.

Ballarat Region Queens Jubilee 2023 (197)

Queens Platinum Jubilee

Ballarat Girl Guides finally had the opportunity to acknowledge the Queen’s Jubilee with an activity-filled Region event at Lingbogol. 

Delacombe Guides Women In Science (4)

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Ballarat Girl Guides have acknowledged International Day of Girls and Women in Science with a variety of STEM activities.

Gone Home Memorial Lingbogoal (1)

Trefoil Gone Home Memorial

Our Ruff Diamond Trefoils have a created a special Home memorial in the Quiet Corner at Linbgogol.

Delacombe Guides At The Zoo

40th Birthday at the Zoo

The Delacombe Junior Guides have celebrated their 40th birthday with a train trip to the Melbourne Zoo

Jubilee Activities 2022 (87)

Remembering our Jubilee challenges

Jubilee Challenges enjoyed by our local Guides

Ruff Diamonds Trefoil Gathering 2022 Attendees

Victorian Trefoil Guild Gathering

Our Ruff Diamond Trefoils have participated in the state Gathering

Ruff Diamond Trefoils Preparation (7)

Ruff Diamonds birthday

Our Ruff Diamond Trefoils have celebrated their 2nd birthday.

Delacombe Junior Guides - making s'mores

Happy S’mores Day

Local Guides have enjoyed National S’mores Day.

Ruff Diamond Trefoils Craft Session (1)

Crafting Session

The Ruff Diamond Trefoils have enjoyed an afternoon of Cricut crafting

11th Ballarat Guides Toy Library 2022 (1)

Cleaning at the Toy Library

11th Ballarat Guides and Choc-Chic Ranger Guides have cleaned toys as a service task