Kani-Karrung Sleepover

August 21, 2023

Ballarat had the fortunate opportunity to host the week-long Kani-Karrung Jamboree in January of this year. Many of our local Guides participated and engKani Karrung badge 8 piecesaged in the outdoor activities and camping at Victoria Park, where they joined hundreds of other Guides from across Australia.

The 1st Sebastopol Guides and Delacombe Junior Guides recently re-lived the Kani-Karrung experience at a sleepover with the same theme, aimed at earning the sought-after 8-part Kani-Karrung badge. Each segment of the badge required the completion of a challenge corresponding to the theme. These challenges encompassed various tasks, including:

  • decorating individual placemats for practical use and as a later keepsake of the sleepover
  • erecting and dismantling tents; even though the sleepover took place indoors, the girls embraced the experience of sleeping in tents
  • indulging in the culinary delights served at the Jamboree. There were whispers of an abundance of jelly being served at the Jamboree. At the sleepover, the girls enjoyed homemade jelly alongside fruit and ice cream. They also made their own ‘tacos in a bag,’ sushi sandwiches, and s’mores.
  • demonstrating respect for traditions. Much like the Jamboree, which drew inspiration from Aboriginal names for its title and sub-camps names, the participants paid homage by familiarising themselves with Aboriginal symbols and decorating stones with chosen symbols
  • engaging in an activity reminiscent of the Jamboree. The girls had lots of fun with a ‘Big Games’ session featuring an array of large-scale games set up both indoors and outdoors.
  • creating a swap
  • making decorative friendship bracelets.

A total of twenty-eight Guides and Leaders reveled in the opportunity to relive the experience of the Kani-Karrung Jamboree.



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