Frisbee Golf

This term our Guides are spending as much time outdoors as possible. The 2020 covid-lockdown meant that many outdoor activities were cancelled or postponed, so we are determined to provide outdoor experiences throughout 2021. The new Victoria Park Disc Golf Course presented the ideal outdoor activity for our local Guides and is no doubt scheduled…

3 Guiding Generations

Guiding has been quite different in 2020 with most of our meetings held virtually via interactive Zoom sessions. It was during one of these Zoom sessions in June that 5 year old Emily Roberts became the third generation of her family to be actively involved in Guiding at the same time. Emily has been looking…

Great timing for hikes

Just hours before it was announced that Guiding was once again to avoid face-to-face meetings, three local units had enjoyed separate hiking activities on a surprisingly glorious winter Sunday.  All Units received a surprise visit from Janelle Howell, the State Commissioner of Girl Guides Victoria, and Louisa Watts, the Manager of Central Highlands Region and…

World’s Greatest Shave at Guides

Guide Leaders shaves her hair AT GUIDES !!!

Free Guide membership

Girl Guides Victoria have invested more than $1M into the community to support girls and women by providing complementary 12-month memberships to current and new members.

Ballarat Guide spreading rainbows

Maddy has provided service to her community by painting rainbows and displaying teddy bears.