The Best Awful

Sequel to the bestselling ‘Postcards from the Edge’

The book contains Carrie’s Fisher’s trademark intelligence and wit that brought Postcards to the Hollywood movie screen.

In Postcards from the Edge, Suzanne Vale had survived drug abuse, rehab, and Hollywood celebrity.

The Best Awful takes Suzanne back to the edge with a new set of troubles, including her studio executive husband who turned out to be gay and has left her for a man.

Suzanne decides that her medication is cramping her style, and she goes off her meds, with disastrous results.  She gets a tattoo, cuts off her hair, and heads to Mexico with a burly ex-con.

This book is highly comic and darkly tragic, a roller-coaster ride through the dizzying highs and crushing lows of manic depression, delivered with fast and furious wit.


Book Details

  • Author: Carrie Fisher
  •  Paperback | 269 pages

Purchase Details

This book is available for purchase from Book Depository.


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