Olaves in Ballarat

March 1, 2018

It might be expected that when a youth member turns 18 she has outgrown Guiding.

Not so.

Many girls take on leadership roles and this is a great outcome. Our volunteer Leaders are the most important asset of the whole Guiding Movement.

There is also another option – a special Olave Program.

The Olave Program

GirlGuidesBallarat Olaves zooOlave is Girl Guides Australia’s program for young women aged 18-29. It is completely run by and for this age group and allows girls to continue their Guiding adventure and enjoy opportunities to build friendships and gain skills.

The program focuses on:


Olaves take opportunities to make a positive difference in their communities through volunteering, service and advocacy. This can involve developing an understanding of global issue, volunteering at activities, implementing projects and supporting Guiding at various levels.


GirlGuidesBallarat Olaves2Olaves take opportunities to challenge themselves through new experiences especially in the outdoors and internationally. This allows the girls to step out of their comfort zone,  developing self-confidence, make global connections through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), develop skills in planning, risk management and problem solving and sharing this expertise with others.


GirlGuidesBallarat OlavesOlaves take opportunities to develop skills and knowledge for individual growth.

incorporates developing practical life skills,  leadership volunteering, developing supportive social networks, achieving goals through the Olave Program Awards system and exploring new interests.


Ballarat Olaves

In Ballarat, our Olave-age members are part of the Greater Castlemaine Olaves. They meet monthly and organise regular activities.

GirlGuidesBallarat Olaves3

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