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Sebastopol Giudes 2023 Wounds (7)

May 11, 2023

A night of injuries

No need to panic – no Girl Guides were injured in this fun activity.

Our 1st Sebastopol Guides have just enjoyed a messy activity experimenting with moulage to create their own wounds. This hands-on experience allowed the girls to get creative while learning how wounds might look as the result of different injuries.

Sebastopol Giudes 2023 wounds 1Moulage is the art of creating realistic-looking wounds and injuries for training purposes. The girls were provided with fake blood, an array of makeup and a scenario for which they needed to created wounds. The result was everything from burns and bruises to more elaborate injuries like cuts and gashes.

The older Guides were able to expand their knowledge and skills by learning about the crucial topic of search and rescue, including methods and techniques to improve chances of being found.  They also learned how to make a rope cocoon stretcher; an important skill in emergency situations where someone may need to be transported quickly and safely.

They had lots of fun applying these skills and working as a team to carry injured girls ‘down a cliff’ and ‘across the field’ to safety.

This activity allowed the Guides to have a lot of fun while learning valuable skills that could one day help them save lives.


Sebastopol Giudes 2023 Wounds (7)
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