Amy Johnson on site at the Jamboree

January 13, 2023

City of Ballarat Deputy Mayor, Cr Amy Johnson was onsite at the Kani-Karrung Jamboree that commences this weekend for almost 1500 Girl Guides and Leaders.  Ms Johnson stated that the council was very excited for so many Girl Guides to visit the city and that she was thrilled to see Victoria Park become a hive of activity.

“It sounds like the girls have an amazing week ahead of them in and around Ballarat,” Cr Johnson said.

The City of Ballarat attracted the event through the Tourism Event Grant Program, while also making Victoria Park available.

Chief Commissioner for Girl Guides Australia Rosemary Derwin said the entire organisation was excited to come to Ballarat and thanked the Ballarat community for being so welcoming.

“A Girl Guide Jamboree is an unforgettable adventure. Those attending have an exciting week. They will discover, explore, create and achieve. They will make wonderful new friendships and create lifelong memories.”

The Jamboree will include activities on Lake Wendouree, bushwalking, rock climbing, expeditions, city exploring and trips to Melbourne and the beach.

To help advise residents of temporary road closures within Victoria Park, the Jamboree details have been provided on the City of Ballarat website and in The Courier.


Photos courtesy of Ballarat Council

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