Environment Day 2017

March 19, 2017

Girl Guides Victoria recently teamed up with Fisheries Victoria, Parks Victoria and Catchment Management Authority to provide a day of fun filled activities for our Guides. The activity was held at Lake Wendouree and was open to all youth members.

State Environment Day in Ballarat

as told by Niamh (Delacombe Junior Girl Guides)

EnvironmentDay2017 448 cOn Saturday 18th of March I attended the State Environment day at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat at 9:30am. My group was ‘Green Star’. There were Guides from all over Victoria so I was with some girls I didn’t know before, as well as my friend Hannah.

Parks Victoria

My first activity was with Parks Victoria. We were with Alex who works for Parks Victoria. We were all given a card with a picture of an animal or object – I had a black Swan. We went for a walk and had to find the item on our card, then we put our hand up and we were given a Rock Wallaby sticker.  A Rock Wallaby is one of the rarest animals in Australia. When everyone had found their animal we all got a badge.

Water Watch

Our next activity was Water Watch where we talked about the temperature, saltiness and cleanliness of the water. Our tests showed that Lake Wendouree is a healthy lake. Then we got some really strong nets and we put them in the lake. We jiggled them around and lifted it up and put it it in the bucket. Then we put it in trays and we got spoons and fished for water bugs. I caught a shrimp.

Then we had a BBQ lunch. I had a sausage and it was scrumptious.


After that we went fishing. I didn’t catch anything but I really enjoyed it. I was able to identify a type of fish called a Bream. We learnt about fishing rules and behaviour too.

Enviro Guide

EnviroGuide Badge e1487763214242Then we worked on some challenges from the Enviro Guide badge syllabus. We learnt how to filter water from the lake. It was so much fun and we made bird feeders.

After that it was closing time so we all got together to find out who won the prize. I WON !!! a fishing rod, a backpack and a tackle box.


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