Virtual Guiding

March 22, 2020

Be Prepared

When Robert Baden-Powell assigned Guides and Scouts the motto of Be Prepared, he could not have anticipated that it would have been implemented in relation to social distancing requirements.

In true Guiding spirit, Girl Guides adapted to  suspended social activities by swapping to a form of virtual Guiding.

Girl Guides Victoria worked with our Guides to introduce several virtual Guiding elements:

  • GGTV: A weekly video series airing each Sunday morning with episodes featuring all our favourite segments: STEM, Arts, Outdoors, Life Skills and Service
  • GGTV Hub: A space for Girl Guides to connect and share ideas, activities, and challenges.
  • Virtual Unit Meetings: Guide groups will still continue their weekly meetings but these will be held online via video conferencing.

Janelle Howell, Guides Victoria State Commissioner says:

“We are thrilled to be able to share GGTV episodes created by girls, for girls. We are working with our volunteer Leaders to provide virtual meetings to ensure that Guiding continues uninterrupted for our youth members.”

This is an exciting time for Guiding and we’re ready for virtual Guiding.

The added bonus to families is that Guides Victoria have committed more than one million dollars investment into the Victorian community in support of girls and women by providing complimentary memberships until April 2021.  This extends to any girls who want to be part of Guiding – current members as well as new.


Episode 24 – That a wrap, Guides

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