Sebastopol Observation & Car Rally

What is it?

This activity is a big observation game throughout the streets of Sebastopol, divided into smaller, manageable zones.

Grab your family and drive through parts of Sebastopol you haven’t seen for a while  ... or didn’t even know existed.

Choose the zone you would like to complete.

More than 150 questions in total, including:

Observation questions

Historical photo comparisons

Photo opportunities

SebasRally Guides Bridge At Yarrowee Trail

Anyone can participate

  • all Guiding families and friends
  • anybody who wants to support a Girl Guide fundraiser
  • Sebastopol residents who want to learn more about their history
  • anybody who would like to join in and explore Sebastopol

Registration is required so that a set of questions can be prepared and allocated to your team.

Zone Leaderboard

  • GG VIC Red

    Red Zone


  • GG VIC Orange

    Orange Zone


  • GG VIC Dark Blue

    Blue Zone


  • GG VIC Green

    Green Zone


  • GG VIC Purple

    Purple Zone


  • GG VIC Pink

    Pink Zone


  • GG VIC Light Blue

    Light Blue Zone


How does it work?

Maps Of Sebastopol 0221

We will contact you directly to arrange collection of question sheets on the day you choose to complete the activity.

This will either be at Victory Park or a nearby residence.


Spend time with your family exploring your zone.

  • Write down your answers to the questions on the sheet provided
  • Take photos and upload to facebook


Old Sebas School

Drop off your answers to the address provided on the question sheet any time before 5:00pm.

Scores will be calculated and communicated to participants.

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