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World Bee Day ~ May 20

This is the perfect badge to acknowledge World Bee Day and spread awareness of the significance of bees and other pollinators for our survival.

Bees in Australia dying and this is causes problems for people too.

Earn this badge whilst learning about bees and take action to improve conditions for bees.



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Bee Challenge

Aussie Bees

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    One third of Australian food is dependent on honey bee pollination

    including fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables

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    65% of our horticultural and agricultural crops require pollination

    including almonds, apples, avacados, macadamias, pumpkins, pears, mangoes and watermelon.

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    Honey bees contribute to the meat we eat

    Some livestock feed on crop that is dependent on pollination.

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    Bees pollinate the plants that our mammals, insects and bird reply on native habitats

Reference: Capilano Honey