Ballarat Region Badge (original)

The original Ballarat Region badge was first used in 1975 as the badge for a Region Rally day called Ringball. It was designed by the late Ballarat Division Commissioner Mrs Kathleen Hillman. The badge depicts:

  • a poppethead - representing goldmining the region
  • wattle - seen throughout the region but particularly in the Maryborough area
  • a rams head - representing sheep farming
  • an apple - representing the orchards of Bacchus March

These items are enclosed within a trefoil to identify the badge as belong to Girl Guides.

Ballarat Region Centenary Badge

Ballarat Region Centenary badgeThe Ballarat Region designed their own special badge to celebrate the Centenary of Guiding in 2010. The badge contains the symbol of the Ballarat Region, as well as the centenary logo.


Sebastopol District Badge

Sebastopol District badgeSebastopol District Guides have their very own district badge. The image represents the different aged units in the district and the uniforms that were worn prior to the introduction on the national uniform.

These badges were first used as swaps at the Fantastic Jamboree in 2013.

The Sebastopol District has since become a member of the Ballarat District, but the badges are still available.





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Magic Happens At Lingbogol Badge

Magic Happens at Lingbogol Badge

Our unique Lingbogol badge was created as a fundraiser for the Lingbogol Guide Camp in 2022 to compliment a magical Central Highlands Region activity held at Lingbogol.

The basis of the badge is that all events held at Lingbogol bushland property are magical and create Guiding memories for those who attend.

The badge has been thoughtfully designed to include significant elements:

  • red toadstool – the outdoor ornamental toadstool at Lingbogol traditionally used for Brownie Ring
  • green frog – the endangered growling grassfrogs that live at the campsite
  • glowing campfire – traditional night-time activity held outdoors at Lingbogol or in the Kathleen Hillman Memorial Barbecue pit
  • dragon and unicorn formed from smoke from the fire – simply representing that a magical experience occurs at Lingbogol
Delacombe Junior Guides 40th Birthday Badge


Delacombe Junior Guides 40th Birthday

In 2022 the Delacombe Junior Guides celebrated their 40th birthday. The Guides began as the 1st Delacombe Brownies and have operated continuously since 1982.

To acknowledge the anniversary, a special badge was created that incorporated elements of significance to the youth members:

  • a tree – for the outdoor activities enjoyed by the unit
  • a unicorn using a digital device – for the many months spent Guiding via zoom
  • an owl – to represent the Unit mascot that has been used at Guide meetings since 1982
  • a mug – for the many online sessions of baking recipes in a mug
  • a frog – representing the chocolate frogs that were used at a gender-reveal activity during 2022

Rainy Camp in Ballarat Badge

This badge was originally used as a fundraiser to help local Guides attend the 2023 Jamboree that was held in Ballarat at Victoria Park.  This was the same venue that experienced a constant downpour during the Scout Jamboree in 1992.

Those who camp regularly at Lingbogol have memories of rainy camps.  And it can occur at any time of the year regardless of thoughtful planning.

Rainy Camp In Ballarat INTB