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April 14, 2020

Putting the Girl Guides Promise into Action

Girl Guides Victoria have stated that the Girl Guiding community is facing one of the most challenging times in history, on par with the Great Depression and the two World Wars in its impact on our economy and sense of social connectedness, and the financial strain on families.  Guiding has been supporting members to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a Virtual Guiding initiative to help girls remain engaged and connected with virtual unit meetings, activities and fun resources.

The added bonus to families is that Guides Victoria have committed more than one million dollars investment into the Victorian community in support of girls and women by providing complementary memberships until April 2021.  This extends to any girls who want to be part of Guiding – current members as well as new.

The virtual Guiding elements incorporate:

  • Guiding in your Pocket
    • GGTVA weekly video series airing each Sunday morning with episodes featuring all our favourite segments: STEM, Arts, Outdoors, Life Skills and Service
    • GGTV Hub: A space for Girl Guides to connect and share ideas, activities, and challenges.
  • Virtual Unit Meetings: Guide groups have continued their weekly meetings, now held online via video conferencing

Janelle Howell, Guides Victoria State Commissioner says:

“As Girl Guides who have promised to serve our community, and who live by the Guide Law, including making choices for a better world and living with courage and strength, Girl Guides Victoria have made an unprecedented decision to support Girl Guides and our wider community through the challenges ahead of us in 2020.

Girl Guides Victoria has made the decision to reduce the membership fee to $0 for the next 12 months. This will make it possible for all girls and women who want to be part of Girl Guides in Victoria to have the opportunity to do so regardless of their ability to pay a membership fee.”

-> Learn more about Virtual Guiding


Guiding in your pocket


Guiding In Your Pocket
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