International Year of Pulses (IYP2016)

The United Nations declared that 2016 will be the International Year of Pulses.

iyp2016The aim of IYP 2016 is to show that pulses are a primary source of protein and other essential nutrients and to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by pulse farmers.

Legumes include all forms of beans and peas from the Fabaceae (or Leguminosae) botanical family. There are thousands of different species of legume plants. They are  grown primarily for their edible seeds.  The seeds are harvested when they are mature and used dry as food or processed into various products. Pulses are the dried seed portion of legumes.

Pulses are excellent sources of protein and B vitamins as well as carbohydrates.

Grain legumes include:

  • pulses2adzuki bean
  • broad bean
  • vetch
  • common bean
  • kidney bean
  • chick pea
  • cowpea
  • asparagus bean
  • black eyed pea and black eyed bean
  • guar bean
  • pulseshhyacinth bean
  • lentil
  • lima bean
  • butter bean
  • lupin
  • mung bean
  • pea (dry pea, podded pea, snap pea)
  • peanut
  • pigeon pea
  • soybean (soya, soyabean)
  • tepary bean


Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council

Global Pulse Confederation